School Inspection Service declares our school ‘Outstanding’ in all areas!

Oxford House School has been judged to provide an outstanding quality of education following a recent inspection by the School Inspection Service in June 2016.


School Inspection Service

June 2016

“The strong and determined leadership of the Headteacher combined with outstanding teaching ensure that pupils are effective learners and make exceptional progress across the full range of national curriculum subjects. Standards are high in all aspects of the school’s work. Leaders, Managers and the Proprietor have set demanding expectations of pupils’ attainment and made the necessary adjustments to the curriculum to ensure that they all have the opportunity to reach the goals set for them. Pupils’ achievements academically and personally are extremely well understood by staff and the teaching is tailored to meet these needs. The well balanced curriculum provides a rich range of experiences for pupils. An understanding of British values is taught effectively in lessons that celebrate the cultural diversity of pupils. Personal development, safeguarding and welfare policies and practice are outstanding. Staff receive very clear guidance on how to implement policies, and practice is regularly checked to ensure it is working.

Throughout the school, pupils’ personal enthusiasm for learning is a positive factor in how they approach with eagerness the school day. Their behaviour is exemplary. The warm and friendly relationships between staff and between pupils themselves ensure that Oxford House School is a happy and safe place in which to learn. Outstanding provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage ensures children have learnt to listen and handle new experiences with confidence and are thus well-prepared for the years ahead.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate

June 2019

Regulatory Compliance Inspection

Oxford House School has met the high standards in all areas set by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). Compliance inspections of independent schools by ISI are carried out every three years with the full qualitative inspections taking place every six years.

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