There is a long tradition at Oxford House of giving our pupils the opportunity to be involved in a professional production at a renowned local theatre. Music, Dance and Drama form a key area of education designed to develop high self-esteem in every pupil.

During the Christmas period lower school and upper school pupils participate in the annual carol service at a church in the town centre. Parents and grandparents are invited to attend this moving reminder of the importance of Christmas. Our Nursery and Reception perform a Christmas nativity on site which again family are invited to attend.

Sport plays a vital part in keeping our pupils fit and healthy. All pupils benefit from physical education. Pupils are given coaching in an extensive range of games including swimming and outdoor sports at our local leisure centres and sports ground.

Oxford House pupils take part in local sporting competitions and all pupils are involved on our sports day and the upper school partake in our annual swimming gala where parents may come along and celebrate in their child’s individual and team achievements.

French is taught from Form II through to Form VI by our enthusiastic specialist French teacher. Our Forms V and VI are given the opportunity to practice the language skills they have learnt by taking part in a range of French based events and activities throughout an allocated week during the school year.

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