5 ways Oxford House School prepares children for the 11-plus exam

Kids working together

The first few years of a child’s education are a special time, filled with curiosity, discovery and ultimately fun. Amongst all this, it’s important to offer an effective learning environment for students who wish to succeed academically.

At Oxford House School, we have an unrivalled success rate of children gaining places at selective grammar schools – the majority of our students excel in the 11-plus exams. But school is not just about exam success – we believe it’s important to maintain one of our core values, ‘Joy in achievement’ in all we do. Here’s how:

1.       An academic head start

We build skills into class activities throughout our pupils’ educational journeys. For example:

  • In Nursery, children become confident readers and learn key mathematical skills through close support from the teachers and use of fun, practical Montessori equipment – objects made out of varying materials such as wood, wicker or metals that introduce children to different textures and colours.
  • Our Reception class teachers put emphasis on learning to ‘read to retrieve’, not just decode, building pupils’ comprehension skills.
  • Following on from this, children in Form II are introduced to 11+ Bond papers, including Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning, providing exam competence as well as valuable life skills.
  • Our Form V pupils attend a weekly after school 11+ club to become familiar with the format and timings of exam papers.

The ‘heightened’ curriculum we offer at Oxford House School ensures children are ahead of what is expected for their age groups.

2.       Differentiated learning to fast-track academic development

We recognise that children learn at different speeds. To ensure pupils are learning to the best of their ability, they follow a targeted curriculum to enhance their personal development. This helps them realise their full potential and gives them the best possible chance of getting a top score in the 11-plus exams.

3.       Expressing emotions and learning new skills

The arts are embedded into the curriculum and form an essential part of pupils’ personal development. Apart from giving them the opportunity to develop new skills, activities such as Dance, Drama, Art and Music boost children’s self-esteem and encourage them to unleash their creative side.

4.       Stress-free environment centred on wellbeing

Maintaining pupils’ wellbeing is important to their development and ensures they’re in the right mindset to get the most out of their time at school. Our students take part in activities such as yoga to calm their mind and keep the pressure off and year groups have access to a multi-sensory wellbeing room and. We also offer a superior PSHE curriculum, helping children understand how to keep safe and healthy as well as preparing them for life after education.

5.       Joy in achievement

Our ethos is centred around ‘Labore Confecto Gaudentes’ or ‘Joy in achievement’. We aim to maintain high standards in all manners of education, whilst creating a fun, enjoyable learning environment for all. As much as we help children reach their potential and get into their dream school, it’s just as important that they enjoy their education and leave as confident, articulate and well-rounded individuals.

Most of our pupils get top marks in the 11-plus exams and go on to attend local grammar schools including Colchester Royal Grammar for Boys and Colchester County High School for Girls.

If you’re looking to secure your child a place at our school or nursery, contact us for more information or book a visit with your child and see the wonderful facilities at Oxford House School for yourself.

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