Fabulous Food Banks

This year the school decided to support the local Colchester Food Bank as it’s Christmas charity. The Food Bank was started in 2008 and has since helped many people in Colchester during times of hardship. As an insight into how the food bank works some of our pupils were invited for a short tour and have written about their experience and this is what they learned.

Dear Parents,

On Monday, 10 lucky children from Upper school got the amazing chance to go and drop off all the generous donations you gave to the food bank. When we delivered all of these items, we all went round the back of the building and were led into a comfy room. A lady named Anne introduced us to how the food bank worked and what is given to the clients, depending on their situations.

We were then put into two groups, each with three bags of food and toiletries, next we sorted these into meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. These food parcels need to last for 3 days.

We must give a large thank you to all of you who donated all of these lovely supplies. Overall the weight of our donations put together was 254.7kg which is over a quarter of a tonne!

Thank you

By Florence, Max and Oliver FV

01206 576 686