Form I ‘A historical day!’

Form I enjoy a historical day in and out of school.

We had a marvellous morning at the Natural history Museum in Colchester, combined with a brief visit to Hollytrees toy section. The gift shops in both museums gave our children a chance to use their monetary skills acquired this term. We then had lunch in the sunshine, using the sheltered fish pond in Castle Park.

Our afternoon was spent with ‘the fossil man’, Brian Day, who regaled us with fossil exploring adventures and a fascinating interactive talk on prehistoric creatures, with rare artefacts to show us. Brian took us on a tour from the Cambrian period, with sponges and trilobites, in the Palaeozoic Era including Devonian, Carboniferous and Permian periods with ammonites and fossil leaves, through to the Mesozoic Era with dinosaur bones and the children’s favourite – dinosaur poo!! Brian went on to the Cenozoic Era with vertebrae and teeth from mammoths, and presented each child with 400 million year old fossil sharks teeth.

The children of Form I and I would like to thank Brian for his time and enthusiasm!

Mrs Stevens

Class teacher


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