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Form VI Travel brochures

Form VI Travel brochures

Form VI pupils were asked to create travel brochures as part of a cross-curricular project: for their English topic on Persuasive writing and for the Development of a variety of ICT skills (e.g. creating a Table of Contents, Word, copying and pasting relevant images and presenting a document as a brochure).

The selection of travel brochures below are all about enticing visitors to Illyria, the location where Twelfth Night (the Shakespearean play they studied last term) takes place.

All Form VI pupils have done a tremendous job and been very creative!

Travel brochure KHView/Download
Travel Brochure LWView/Download
Travel Brochure DBView/Download
Travel Brochure ACView/Download
Travel Brochure QCView/Download
Travel Brochure CCView/Download
Travel Brochure IYView/Download
Travel Brochure AHView/Download
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