Back To School

For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

What you can expect from our school

  • A continuation of an excellent and robust curriculum
  • A balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Online and offline learning activities and resources to engage with
  • Continued high quality pastoral and wellbeing care
  • Continued SEND and academic support provision
  • Flexible Form timetables that reflect the age, need and differentiation of the peer cohort
  • Regular communication from the school and teachers
  • Whole class, small group and on occasions when necessary 1:1 live sessions following all safeguarding protocol

What we expect from our pupils

  • Commitment to take part in all online learning and work hard
  • Willingness to step out of their comfort zone, especially when things are different or not straight forward
  • To be polite and respectful during live sessions following our online etiquette (netiquette) contract, this includes remaining on mute until it is their turn to speak, this reduces background noise. Pupils who repeatedly cause disruption will be removed from live lessons.
  • The post and chat function on MST is for communicating with your teacher and classmates regarding school work in a respectful and polite manner, it is not for a ‘general’ chat nor should any rude or derogatory comments be made. Teachers have the discretion to remove posting privileges if necessary
  • Pupils are encouraged to complete all the activities set out for the day however, we are aware that due to working parents there is a need for flexibility
  • The activities being set are purposefully set to fulfil the time allocation, if a pupil is finishing far too quickly there may be a question surrounding the quality of content, likewise, if an activity is taking longer you may wish to discuss this with the class teacher for advice
  • The learning materials for the subsequent week will be available on a Friday to view and print in advance if required
  • All the resources and work remain the property of Oxford House and are prohibited from being shared or placed on social media
  • Pupils do not need to wear their school uniform for any live sessions, but we do ask that they are dressed appropriately and not in their pyjamas

How you can help your child

  • Family comes first and must be your priority
  • You are not expected to be your child’s teacher. Please do contact the school if you are struggling with the work that has been set
  • It would be helpful to provide a dedicated work-space for your child along with the following equipment: IT device/resource box provided from school/pad of paper/notebook/exercise books/pen, pencil, colouring pens/pencils/maths equipment/calculator/ruler/textbooks/reading book (age appropriate)
  • Stick to a routine where possible. It may be helpful to print out a copy of your family timetable and how the school day will fit into it
  • Recognise the need for regular breaks for your children
  • Help your child to eat healthily
  • Encourage children to keep in contact with their friends (if using devices supervise and monitor, refer to our safety online document)
  • Enable children to be punctual for any live sessions and dressed appropriately
  • During academic learning, the focus should be entirely on schoolwork sessions, therefore apps/tabs that are not relevant to academic learning should be closed and mobile phones put away
  • Keep communicating with us – if there is something that needs to be addressed or we could be doing something better, please do let us know
  • For Games and PE lessons, it might be helpful for children to change into sports clothes to make a healthy distinction between academic work and physical exercise
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