Persuasive Writing by Form V

Form V pupils as part of their English curriculum and preparation for 11+ were asked to write a persuasive letter. The letter in question was to persuade parents to send their child to Oxford House.

Here is a flavour/summary:

“Firstly, the strive for academic excellence is outstanding but Oxford House School also offers an amazing broad and balanced curriculum for your child. Due to the broad and balanced curriculum we gather up skills to perform annually at the Mercury Theatre. Would you want your child to miss out on such an opportunity?”  Millie

“Oxford House is a small school, subsequently there is more attention, help and support for each person as there are only 18 people in one class. This widely benefits the children as they get more individual attention from the teachers and help as they work towards knowledge on every subject” Bhramav

“The teachers that teach us are professional, passionate, enthusiastic and challenge us to our limits. Each member of staff has a unique way of teaching, and each way brings us on a path to success”  Lucy

“At Oxford House School we have extremely high expectations for all students and aim to achieve academic excellence.  A large amount of children gain entry to the local grammar schools as well as independent schools” Verhonaa

“This school is a hard working, friendly environment with well mannered and behaved children. Lots of visitors comment on our pupils and the inspection was rated a smashing “Outstanding”. How could you let your child miss out on this amazing opportunity?” Harry

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