Visiting Author – James Campbell

Last Tuesday, as a special reward with funds raised from the second hand uniform sales, the children welcomed James Campbell, author of the ‘Boyface’ series into school. He spent the day talking to the children in small classes about how he gets his ideas for his stories and how he turns those ideas into stories for his books. He was extremely entertaining and informative and funny. We are very much hoping he will come back to see us again . Please take a look below for some of the quotes from our Form IV pupils.

“James Campbell is so funny that I laughed my head and socks off. He was amazing and had lots of tricks up his sleeves. He was awesome! I hope he comes again. By the way I found an unexpected item in the bagging area! By your biggest fan.” Ishaan.

“The visit was phenomenal. It was wild, wacky and wonderful. He was always making me laugh. His books are very silly. I hope he comes again.” Evan

“James Campbell was OMG! He really was a real comedian. I myself am not a very funny person but after James Campbell well, he really put a bit of humour into me. Everything he said made us cry tears of laughter.” Louis

“Even if you’d never heard of the mind blowingly funny James Campbell then you’d know the moment you set eyes on him he’s a comedian, do NOT mistake him for a Chameleon. He inspired me to write, write and carry on writing. It was absolutely amazing meeting a real author, I really really hope  he comes again while I am in this school.” Florence




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