Writing instructions in FIII

During our Olympics-themed week, Form III pupils were asked to make an Olympic torch. The children also wrote a set of instructions explaining how they had made their torches. The children created some fantastic torches.

How to make an Olympic torch?

By Jenny:

You will need:
.Red/Yellow/light pink tissue paper

  1. First get card
  2. Glue card into cone shape
  3. Cut triangles in red tissue paper
  4. Cut red paper into strips
  5. Stick strips with triangles onto the top of the cone
  6. Get light pink tissue paper, scrunch up at the bottom, cut randomly at the top
  7. Cover inside the cone with glue
  8. Stick pink scrunched tissue paper into the cone
  9. Scrunch yellow paper into small balls and cover with glue and stick into middle of the cone. Do this a few times
  10. Cut small triangles from other strip of red tissue paper, stick onto the bottom of the cone
  11. Cut 3 squares from the other strip as well, stick them on the top of the cone where there are no triangles.

You now have a beautiful Olympic torch!!!!!!!



By Alfie:

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to carry an Olympic Torch?

This is your chance to make your own and experience the thrill for yourself.

What you need –

  • Gold or silver card (or carboard and tin foil).
  • Glue or Sellotape.
  • Red, orange and yellow tissue paper.

Method –

  • Firstly, cut your card to A4 size. If you do not have silver or gold card, cover your cardboard in tin foil and secure with glue or Sellotape.
  • Next roll your carboard into a cone shape and Sellotape or glue at the bottom.
  • Now lay out all you tissue paper so that it overlaps, it does not have to be neat.
  • Grab your tissue from underneath and scrunch up from the bottom to make the flames.
  • Lastly put some glue inside the cone at the bottom. Push in your tissue paper and arrange to make your flames.

By Amelia

What you will need:

  • toilet roll
  • Tussue paper
  • Card one piece of big card and two pieces f small card
  • Foil
  • Sticky tape


  1. To start you need to tear up a few sheets of tissue paper and cut out some card shapes like the top of a Mr. Whippy, which look like flames.
  2. Next you get a little bit of sticky tape and stick the torn up strips of tissue paper onto the sticky tape.
  3. Now once you’ve done that you wrap the tissue paper around the toilet roll.
  4. After, you get the big piece of card and roll it into a cone shape. Now cut off the bit were it points up.
  5. Next you get the 2 small pieces of card and cut out shapes like petals.
  6. Now get the foil and the cone. Cut out or tear a stripe of foil and stick it into the cone.
  7. After that stick the petal shaped card iside the top of the cone.

Now put the toilet tube inside the cone and

By Ethan C:

Have you ever dreamed to hold the Olympic Torch?
Well now is your chance!!

You will need
Sellotape (or glue)
A4 piece of card
Tin foil
Tissue paper (red, purple, yellow and\or orange)

Instructions :

  1. Firstly, roll the card into a cone shape. Then using some Sellotape (or glue) stick the sides in place.
  2. Wrap the tin foil around the bottom of the cone and about a third up the cone for the handle, then stick the foil in place.
  3. Putting the cone down, place the different colours of tissue paper flat on the table in front of you, mixing up the different colours (this makes it look more like real flames!), leave the top half untouched and scrunch up the bottom half. Stuff it into the top of the cone (scrunched end first).
  4. Voila!

Top Tips!
Having a grown up near you could help you achieve your dream quicker!

By Ethan T:

By Fleur

Equipment need:                                                                                                

  • Tin Foil
  • 4 Empty toilet roll tubes
  • Tissue paper [red yellow and orange]
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors


Step 1:  First you must get two toilet rolls and stick them together using Sellotape (one on top of the other) to make a longer tube.

Step 2:  Then you must cut another toilet roll into three rings and then cut each ring once to create a M shape.

Step 3:   Next stick the M shapes together so they make a flower shape.

Step 4:  Using one more roll follow step 3 again but lay the strips flat and straight rather than folding into an M shape.

Step 5: Stick the four flat strips of card to the end of the long tube using Sellotape again. Once they are fixed to the tube fold them outwards to create a cone shape.

Step 6: Now attach the flower shape to the end of the cone shape.

Step 7: Cover the torch shape in foil. You Will not need to use Sellotape as the foil will fold and stick itself.

Step 8:  Finally, you can rip the tissue paper into flame shapes all different sizes and stick them onto the inside of the torch again using Sellotape.

Step 9:  Enjoy your Olympic torch.

By Max

How to make an Olympic Torch!

Have you ever wanted to be an Olympian?

Get close by making your own Olympic torch and join in with the fun!

What you will need –

  • A4 piece of card (any colour, your choice)
  • Sellotape
  • Yellow, orange and red tissue paper

What you need to do –

  • Roll your piece of card into a cone shape and Sellotape along the lines. The bottom should meet at a point and the top will be an uneven line.
  • Lay the tissue paper down on the table, arrange it so that you have a corner of each piece pointing up. This will make the paper look like flames. It does not need to be neat because this will help it look like real flames.
  • Pick up the tissue paper all together at the bottom and squeeze it together.
  • Push the scrunched section of the tissue paper into the bottom of the cone you have already made.
  • Arrange the tips of you flames to make it look like the fire flames are coming out of the cone.

Now you can carry your own Olympic torch and join in with the fun!!

By Rohin:

By Kaven

By Ryley

By Tallulah


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