Best School in Essex for 11+ Examination Results

The success rate for pupils gaining places in selective state and independent schools is unrivalled in the area. This year is no exception with the majority passing the 11+ going onto our highly sought after local Grammar schools and securing external scholarships. We understand that such places are not suitable for all pupils and our regular tracking and monitoring enables us to support all pupils to the journey to success. As we are a non-selective school, these results will vary from cohort to cohort each year. View our leavers’ destinations here. Find out how we prepare children for the 11-plus exam here.

Oxford House teachers pride themselves in producing highly confident and articulate children.  “The quality of teaching and learning is outstanding” SIS Report 2016. The standards we expect Oxford House pupils to achieve are very high. We encourage and nurture every child to promote an excellent all round education.

Academic Success at Oxford House

Pupils in Years 1 to 6 are assessed using GL Progress Tests in English and Maths. These standardised, externally marked tests are produced by GL Assessment and allow individual pupils’ performance to be assessed against national benchmarks.

Our Year 2 and Year 6 pupils’ results in the GL Progress Tests for the Academic Year 2021-2022 are summarised in the table below.

DescriptionBelow ExpectationsAchieving ExpectationsExceeding Expectations
Maths Year 2
National Average23%54%23%
Oxford House School6%42%54%
Maths Year 6
National Average23%54%23%
Oxford House School0%6%94%
English Year 2
National Average19%54%23%
Oxford House School0%30%71%
English Year 6
National Average23%54%23%
Oxford House School0%18%82%
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