Highlighting the importance of physical well-being

At Oxford House School, sports play a pivotal role in fostering the physical well-being of our pupils. We prioritise physical education to ensure that every pupils reaps the benefits.

Our pupils receive comprehensive coaching in a diverse array of sporting disciplines, which encompass activities such as swimming and outdoor sports. These coaching sessions are conducted both on-site and at nearby leisure centres and sports facilities.

Swimming lessons for our pupils

From Year 2 upwards pupils enjoy weekly swimming lessons from professional, highly qualified and motivated instructors. Our younger pupils benefit from a one to one teaching approach at the Leisure World teaching pool and our older children, more advanced with their swimming, have use of the Garrison swimming pool.

Both facilities are clean, spacious, bright and safe environments for the children to learn. The children travel to and from the venues using our bus service.

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Sports Awards

Fostering young athletes and celebrating sporting achievements

Oxford House pupils make up teams to take part in local U7, U9 and U11 sporting competitions and all pupils are involved in our annual sport days. The upper school partake in our annual swimming gala where parents may come along and celebrate in their child’s individual and team achievements.

Each year, Victor & Victrix Ludorum trophies are awarded for the best overall sports performance. The Spendlove Boys’ Swimming Cup goes to the best boy's swimming performance and girls can win the Martin’s Girls Swimming Cup.

Developing the physical skills of every pupil through a variety of sports

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