Pre-Reception & Reception

A warm and welcoming environment

The formative years of a child’s education are full of excitement, exploration and discovery.

Your child will begin to make friends, experience new opportunities and learn about a world beyond their home life.

Our dedicated nursery approach

We know and understand that this is a very important time for both you and your child. Our Nursery teachers (Qualified Teacher Status) are highly experienced, supportive and caring and are dedicated helping your child grow in confidence and independence. Each child is given one-to-one teaching and our excellent pupil to staff ratios ensure each child will have activities suited to their unique needs.

Our approach to teaching leads to happy, confident children and academic excellence. The proportion of our pupils who achieve a good level of development by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery to Reception) is consistently well above the national average.


An academic head start

We offer a meticulously designed Early Years curriculum that draws inspiration from the enriching principles of Montessori education. This curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to foster sensory awareness, enhance dexterity, and instil a solid foundation in numeracy and literacy.

In our Pre-Reception class, led by highly qualified teachers, each child receives individualized support daily, empowering them to become confident readers and proficient in mathematics through the Montessori thousands, hundreds, tens, and units equipment. Additionally, our use of the 'sandpaper letter' system empowers even our youngest learners to develop advanced reading and writing skills.

What's included:

Join us on a personal tour of the School

We would be delighted to invite you to our wonderful school and share with you what makes Oxford House School the best educational start you can give your child.

Our happy, confident and independent children

We are proud to have the Millie’s Mark accreditation

Millie’s Mark is awarded as a special endorsement to childcare providers that go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the EYFS guidelines (stating only one person with a current paediatric first aid certificate must be on the premises and available at all times when children are present). Every single member of our Early Years staff is paediatric first-aid trained to ensure that your children are receiving safest care possible.

To have Millie’s Mark, 100% of staff have to be trained in paediatric first aid, and also ensure that everything they have learned during the course is kept alive and in the forefront of practitioners’ minds. The award means that parents can be confident that the most robust processes are in place to keep their children safe.

“I could not recommend the school highly enough! Oxford House truly does provide a happy, safe and secure environment in which my son is thriving in!”

– Parent, Oxford House School

Message from the Early Years Leader

"I would like to welcome all parents, children, families and friends to our Oxford House School website. Nursery years are such a special and important time in your child’s life and we hope to create some very special memories during the time your child spends with us.

We believe the success to your child’s education is very much a partnership between home and school. Children come to nursery with such a wealth of experience and knowledge and it is our aim to build on this together, with parents, to ensure that every child really does get the best start to their education.

All children are given one to one help every day to become confident readers and quickly gain mathematical skills using the Montessori approach.
Oxford House provides a happy, safe and secure environment for your sons and daughters to learn and we are confident Oxford House will provide a secure foundation for their growing success.

Visitors are always welcome and we like you to see us just the way we are. It is only by visiting us and seeing everyone working together that the real atmosphere can be experienced. Please contact the school to arrange a visit at a time that is convenient for you.

The staff and I look forward to welcoming you soon."

Mrs Kelly Shine, Early Years Leader

Begin an unforgettable adventure

From Nursery through to Year 11, we get to know and understand every pupil as an individual.

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Age 4 to 5


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Age 8 to 11

Oxford House School

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