Upper School

Teaching children confidence and independent thinking

In this dynamic and academically focused environment, we empower pupils to excel academically, explore their passions, and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

With a dedicated team, a comprehensive curriculum, and a focus on holistic development, we nurture young minds, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the future grades and beyond.

Our Approach

Encouraging leadership and responsibility

At Oxford House School, we set and maintain high expectations for both the academic progress and behaviour of our pupils. Our educational philosophy is underpinned by the belief that pupils should not only excel individually but also contribute positively to the collective learning environment.

To instil a sense of responsibility and nurture leadership qualities, we encourage our pupils to take on roles of authority and mentorship, not only for themselves but also for their younger peers. By entrusting them with such responsibilities, we provide opportunities for them to develop leadership skills, fostering qualities like empathy, communication, and teamwork that are integral to their personal growth and success.

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Ensuring our pupils are set for success

As pupils progress into the Upper School at Oxford House, they build upon the secure educational foundations that have been meticulously laid in their earlier years. This phase of their academic journey is marked by a focus on mastering learning skills and fostering independence, which in turn nurtures self-esteem and personal motivation.

We take pride in our commitment to providing expert tuition across a wide spectrum of subjects. The inclusion of specialist teachers in French, Music, Art, PE, Dance, and Drama ensures that each pupil benefits from the highest level of instruction in these disciplines. This holistic approach to education empowers our pupils with not only a strong academic foundation but also a well-rounded and enriched learning experience that goes beyond the textbook, preparing them to excel academically and personally as they progress through the Upper School.

Going above and beyond

In addition to our regular curriculum, our Year 5 pupils actively engage in 11+ exam paper practice sessions through our Wednesday after-school club. We are dedicated to ensuring each pupil is well-prepared for their transition to a senior school that aligns with their individual needs, and Oxford House takes pride in consistently achieving high success rates in both independent and state selective schools.

Furthermore, homework is assigned to pupils on a nightly basis, playing a pivotal role in reinforcing the connection between home and school. This practice not only reinforces learning but also instils a disciplined approach to education in our pupils.

“A wonderful school. The smiles on the children’s faces speak volumes.”

– Parent, Oxford House School

Individual success through personalised support

Our commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience is exemplified by our small class sizes, which ensure that every pupil receives personalised attention and support from their dedicated class teacher. Within this nurturing environment, continuous monitoring and assessment of each pupil's progress are key components of our approach.

In addition, we recognise that every student is unique, and we are equally dedicated to addressing individual needs. In cases where a pupil faces challenges within the classroom, our Special Educational Needs Coordinator conducts thorough assessments to identify specific areas of difficulty. If necessary, we provide tailored extra support to ensure that every pupil has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.


Learning outside of the classroom

We firmly believe in the value of diverse learning experiences that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting. Our Upper School pupils, in particular, embark on enriching journeys further afield, participating in exciting and educational residential trips each summer. These experiences not only foster camaraderie but also promote personal growth and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Moreover, we take full advantage of our locality, which boasts a wealth of museums, theatres, and places of interest. Throughout the academic year, we meticulously plan and organise educational outings that align with our curriculum, enhancing our pupils' learning experiences by bringing subjects to life through hands-on exploration and real-world context.

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