Academic Excellence

The pursuit of 'Joy in Achievement'

Oxford House School provides co-educational, personalised learning in a warm and friendly environment with small class sizes where all our staff members know all our children by name.

Pupils join us in our Pre-Reception class and continue through the school to Year 4. In the Upper School, pupils focus on 11+ preparation for entry to selective grammar and independent schools.

Empowering young learners

Our Pre-Reception class is led by fully qualified teachers and all children are given one-to-one help every day to become confident readers and quickly gain mathematical skills using the Montessori methods.

Gradually, each child builds up a strong sense of independence coupled with an ability to sustain concentration and develop their own thinking. Confidence grows as their range of skills increases, along with a true passion for learning and discovery.

“An excellent school; it's very supportive and provides very good opportunities for pupils to develop strong academic skills that would be transferable to further educational settings.”

– Parent, Oxford House School

Join us on a personal tour of the School

We would be delighted to invite you to our wonderful school and share with you what makes Oxford House School the best educational start you can give your child.

Our commitment to holistic education

To help all of our pupils reach the highest levels of academic and pastoral success, we are dedicated to offering them an interesting and appropriately demanding curriculum.

We strive to offer chances for the development of certain abilities and talents. We believe every child has a right to an education that will help them reach their full potential, whether that potential is intellectual, physical, creative, emotional, spiritual, or social.

Building foundations and achieving success in Upper School

The secure foundations laid in the Lower School continue throughout the Upper School as pupils embrace mastery of learning and independence encouraging self-esteem and personal motivation.

The use of specialist teachers enables all the pupils to benefit from expert tuition in all subjects including French, Music, Art, PE, Dance and Drama.

To complement the learning programme, all of our Year 5 pupils practise completing 11+ exam papers during an after-school club on Wednesdays. Every effort is made to prepare pupils for entry into a senior school that will suit their needs and Oxford House prides itself in achieving a very high success rate in selective grammar and independent schools.

Homework is set for pupils every night and plays a key role in cementing the links between home and school, as well as helping pupils to adopt a disciplined approach to learning.

Oxford House School

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