Creative Arts

Creative arts are essential to the curriculum

Dance, Drama, Art and Music are embedded into the curriculum and form an essential part of pupils’ personal development at Oxford House School.

Apart from giving pupils the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills, these creative subjects also help them to express their feelings and ideas, forming an essential part of their personal development.


Inspiring artistic passion

We cultivate a profound passion for art in all our pupils by creating an environment that encourages creativity and independence. During art lessons, pupils are encouraged to experiment with various artistic media and techniques, allowing them to discover their unique style. We also introduce them to the works of renowned artists, broadening their artistic horizons.

Beyond the classroom, we provide a safe and supportive space for pupils to showcase their creations. Whether through exhibitions, contests, or hallway displays, we celebrate their artistic achievements, instilling both confidence and a lifelong love for the arts. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of artists and creators, empowering them to make their mark through artistic expression.

“Oxford house is a brilliant school with caring, excellent teachers. My children are both happy to come to school each day.”

– Parent, Oxford House School

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Musical exploration and expression

All children from Nursery to Year 6 enjoy a weekly music lesson with our Specialist Music Teacher, in which they cover a broad music curriculum including periods in musical history, elements of music, dynamics, tempo, notes and rest. Pupils also have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument of their choice with one of our peripatetic music teachers.

During the Christmas period Lower School and Upper School pupils participate in the annual carol concert at a venue in the town centre. Parents and grandparents are invited to attend this festive choral performance.


Spotlighting pupil talent

There is a long tradition at Oxford House of giving our pupils the opportunity to be involved in a professional production at a renowned local theatre. Every pupil from Nursery to Year 6 performs in at least one staged event each year in front of their parents. Pupils in the Upper School perform in a professional theatre in front of a large audience.

Rehearsing for our esteemed productions offers our pupils numerous invaluable benefits. It instils confidence, enhances communication skills, fosters teamwork, nurtures creativity, and cultivates a sense of accomplishment.

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