Nursery and Early Years Key Information

Ages Taught2.5 to 4.5 years
Year Groups TaughtNursery to Reception

Nursery in Colchester

Our dedicated and experienced staff provide an interesting and well structured environment where children feel safe and happy and greatly enjoy their learning and like coming to school

Pupils enter our half day Nursery I in the school year in which they are 3, according to their age and places available. They proceed into Nursery II which is full time and follow through to Reception. The majority of our pupils continue their learning throughout the lower school and upper school completing a sound and secure learning journey through to Form VI.

Activities in the Nursery are Montessori based and aim to develop sensory skills and dexterity as well as a firm knowledge of number and language. All children are given one to one help every day to become confident readers and quickly gain mathematical skills using the Montessori thousands, hundreds, tens and units equipment. Using the “sandpaper letter” system enables very young children to develop advanced reading and writing skills. The breadth of the curriculum is enhanced by a wide variety of activities. Pupils are introduced to computer technology and science at an early age and are encouraged to develop a keen interest in nature and the world around them.

This is a precious time where the world is full of wonder and intrigue stimulating magical learning opportunities for our future ambassadors.

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