‘Dragonslayer’ Author Inspires Form III

On Friday 18th November Form III welcomed the author Pete Barrett to the class. Form III were prepared for his arrival with a range of probing questions to ask about being a published author and his life. As part of Form III’s work on Myths and Legends the book ‘Tich the Dragonsalyer’ fitted perfectly with our story writing. Pupils purchased their own copy of the text to read together in class and to get signed by the author himself on his visit!

After Pete answered the questions from Form III he gave the pupils play script versions of his text to read and perform in groups. The children thoroughly enjoyed this unique opportunity and loved performing them to Pete the ‘actual author!’

Elina presented Pete Barrett with some flowers which she had brought in to say ‘thank you’ to Pete on behalf of Form III for his super session, what a lovely thought.

Pete left Form III with a writing task to get their teeth into which is based on Tich in yet another adventure. We can’t wait to write and to send our work to Pete when we have finished for him to critique! Who knows, he may even use one of our ideas in his next Tich book!!?? An incredibly inspiring afternoon for all involved. Thank you Pete!

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