Form V Writing task

Last week, Form V pupils completed a writing task as part of their online lessons. Their learning objective was to sustain mood throughout a piece of text using vocabulary. Mrs Knight was very impressed and is very proud to share the following submissions:

A boat ride in the middle of a storm

I looked up to the sky. Silver clouds moodily enclosed the endless dull sea. Mournfully ink-black waves grew in size threatening to capsize the boat; taunting me as I clung on to the rails for dear life, all colour draining from my face. Thunder rumbled; filling the void, causing the show to start. Melancholy waves frothed and churned spitting foam like a sprinkler and rain hit the agitated waves like bullets. Petrified I tried running towards the cabin, I then tried opening the door it was locked. I bit my lip. Enormous waves towered menacingly over the boat. I heard an ear splitting scream while lightning tore the sky in half and the show had only just started.
by Addison

An Abandoned House

Desolation was evident all around me; this forsaken house had clearly not been inhabited for many years, although a ghostly presence still lingered in the air. I could smell the overwhelming fear through the mustiness – and when I took an unsteady breath it was as if this emotion crept inside me and gripped my heart with its iron vice. The choking air hung like a stifling blanket, starving me of the yet further of the little hope I still had. Silence inhabited this deathly place like a petrifying golem, despising my very essence itself. It was as if all hope had abandoned this festering wreck – replaced by deep and mournful despair. Soon it all got too much; I simply had to turn heel and flee. I will never return to this terrifying place.
by Alexander

As I rung the rusty doorbell, its deep monotonous tone rang through the quavering silence. Bats clicked overhead- was this the best place for shelter in the harsh storm? The door eerily creaked open on screaming hinges. I walked in tentatively. Everything was covered in a thick grimy blanket of dust. Faded wallpaper peeled off the walls and the worn, tattered and threadbare carpet lay limp and lifeless on the floor. Spiders scuttled in their webs. Mice scampered across the floor into their holes. I dared not feel for a light. As I walked further down the corridor, my eyes slowly adjusted to the strange darkness within this ancient house. I saw many things: Candles, burnt to the stump, stood quietly in iron brackets, waiting for something interesting to happen. Wind and rain howled and splattered through the cracked windows. I had yet to look upstairs.
by Alyssa

Dark and strangely still, the abandoned house sat sadly amongst the tumbling hills, plunged into utter melancholy. Any slight sound was mercilessly strangled, forced into a deep, unsettling silence. You could almost hear the silence; it rang through the house, occupying every bare room, keeping the dust company. Nobody dared explore the house in fear of what creature may be lurking inside. The people who lived nearby despised this miserable place, and it was as if the house despised them too. Unnerved by the house, its neighbours decided it was best left alone.
by Atiya

As I entered the large abandoned house, I heard a shrill cry for help! This gave an unwelcoming feeling. I was shaking, only because it was cold and scary. Icy fingers gripped my arm, I turned round but there was nothing. My worries smelt rotten and my anxiety tasted bitter! All the creepy picture’s eyes followed me down the hall, once again, the cry for help came. Then the cry turned into a man saying “There is no escaping now!” Those words rung in my ears like a school bell, what should I do next?
by Casper

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