Persuasive writing by FV

Our FV pupils have been practising their persuasive writing skills, so they have put their talent to good use by writing letters to encourage parents to donate to Colchester Foodbank. Please find a few compelling extracts as well as the original manuscripts below.

Dear parents,
I am sure you know about the food bank crisis going on and why you should donate some supplies. Did you know how many people – who are parents – are having to make decisions between feeding themselves or their children? It is appalling! With these rocketing food prices, soaring house bills and generally the cost for living expanding, I think it wouldn’t affect us to donate a mini donation to the less fortunate. (…) by Eva.

 Dear Parents,
Lately have you thought about those poor souls with no food and no shelter? Well this is the time that it affects them the most because it is freezing outside. People are making an appalling decision between having either heating or eating. The more heating bills are going up, the more people are struggling. Even a small amount of food would save a family in the cold winter we are having. (…) by Lacey.

 Dear parents,
in this economic crisis, people suffer because of the soaring gas bills. Luckily in our local community we have something called the Colchester Foodbank – which is the biggest food bank in Essex and the second largest in East Anglia. This is a brilliant idea. Wouldn’t it be gratifying to help them? (…) by Ridhaan.

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